FDP on Emerging Trends and Challenges in Management and IT Education

KCL-IMT organized a seven day Faculty Development Programme on “Emerging Trends and Challenges in Management & IT Education” in collaboration with IRD India & Indo Global Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Agriculture. The objective of this programme is honing the teaching and research skills of faculty members of Management and Information Technology education. It is an endeavour intended for teachers and researchers working in various colleges and professional institutes. The major focus of the FDP is on upgrading the teaching, training, and research skills of the teachers with recent developments and advancements.

In this program a large number of faculty members with diverse academic background              from various Institutes of the region participated with great enthusiasm and benefited from the learning’s and the experiences shared by the various resource persons.

The details of the resource persons along with the topics delivered is given below:

S. No. Name of Expert Designation University /Institute Topic
1. Dr.Neeraj Kaushik Professor NIT, Kurukshetra Research (Factor Analysis, ANOVA & Regression Analysis using SPSS)
2. Dr.S.K Chadha Chairperson UBS, Chandigarh Team Building
3. Dr.Rajesh Verma Professor & Dean LPU Case Analysis
4. Dr.B.P Gupta Director Rayat Bahra Group Role Play & Management Games
5. Dr.Ravi Kiran Professor Thapar University Patiala Data Collection Methods & Sampling
6. Dr.Amit Kauts Dean Faculty of Economics & Education G.N.D.U Research  Design
7. Dr.Sandeep Viz Associate Prof & Head DAV University Simulation Techniques
8. Dr.Dinesh Gupta Professor PU,Chandigarh Spirituality in Management Education
9. Ms.Neeru MD Forging Chemicals Ltd HR Techniques in Management
10. Dr.Maytree Datta Prof essor NITTR,Chandigarh Digital Image Processing & its simulation using MATLAB.
11. Dr.Gurpreet  Jasan Assistant Prof Punjabi University, Patiala Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning using Java & MATLAB
12. Dr.Jaswinder Singh Assistant Prof Punjabi University, Patiala Digital India
13. Dr.Balwinder Raj Assistant Prof Dept of ECE,NIT,Jalandhar Nano Electronics & Its Research tools & Research Directions
14. Prof Mala Kalra Assistant Prof NITTR,Chandigarh Cloud Computing, Scheduling,Security Oriented Concepts & Cloud Sim Simulation.

Click here to download the list of participants atteneded FDP on Emerging Trends and Challenges in Management and IT Education from 14th to 20th Dec, 2015 at KCL-IMT, Jalandhar.